The first weekend of October in Ulaanbaatar, we experienced a unique cross-cultural performance – a synthesis of Japanese and Mongolian musical traditions. The Khoomei-Taiko ensemble, which grew out of a similar concert in New York City in 2007, blew us away with their deep resonating drums and haunting traditional throat singing. The ensemble is comprised of Japanese flutist – Kaoru Watanabe, koto player – Miki Maruta, taiko drummers – Tetsuro Naito and Shoji Kameda, Khongorzul Ganbaatar – Mongolia’s State honored long song singer, Mongolia’s masterful musician and performer – Tserendorj Tseyen, and Shinetsog Dorjinyam – Mongolia’s acclaimed horse-head fiddle musician and khoomei (throat) singer. The group hopes to engage audiences in the U.S. with this unique cross-cultural synthesis of ancient music traditions. For more information about the group and their upcoming tour, visit: