Green Tara, mask and bodiceWelcome to Cultures-N-Clay!  There have been two main threads in my life that have occasionally intertwined – that of the ceramic arts, and world cultures. As a young girl, my Mother sent me to the Park District for an after school clay class, and so began my career as a clay artist! 

At Indiana University, I studied art and anthropology. I paid my way through college by spending my afternoons in the archaeology lab sorting and labeling broken potsherds from ancient landscapes of the midwest. In my free time, I would either comb the library books looking at pictures of ceramics from around the world or spend time in the art studio trying to incorporate ancient forms into my own art.  After college, I got a job working at the Field Museum as a collections and research assistant.  I worked on a project about pottery from the Southwest U.S. and had access to other collections of ancient ceramics. 

Most recently, I lived and worked in Mongolia and became friends with professors and other ceramic artists there. Mongolia is a landlocked country whose artists were closed off for decades while living under Soviet rule. It is still difficult for them to leave and learn about what is happening on the global art scene.  But they do have internet access and so I thought of this blog as a way to share my knowledge, thoughts and experiences with our fellow artists throughout the world.  ~Julie